art + honesty = alchemy

Alice Night

art casting reality

I believe that this whole life experience is here to show us that we are not alone or singular. That we are actually part of an enormous family called LIFE.  

That includes the creatures and the elements and the earth and the sky. I feel we are here to learn reverence so that if we are going to eat an animal for example, we do so with awareness and respect. It’s too easy to roll with an incredible selfishness in this modern life. I feel that we are here to remember that contributing to and being part of the greater story is the only path to personal fulfillment.

For the people who know that creativity and artistry is a significant part of how they can contribute to life, I want to encourage them as I encourage myself in that same knowing.

What I am personally working on alongside the art is how to be a reliable and present friend to myself and others. 

How to cross the threshold of comfort more often to allow that other comfort: wild nature. 

How to listen to my deep knowing. 

How to face my own addictions and avoidances in the realms of love and intimacy. 

How to let the vastness of life move through me, pleasure and pain, grief and praise. 

How to embrace the ordinary, simply, hearthy joys of life. 

How to respond to the calamities and secret injustices in the world so that I am in my personal integrity and acting from care while also deeply enjoying living. 

Sacred Safety

“When I sing and perform I connect with a part of myself that I love to inhabit & feel” 

It’s as if there is also wisdom in the voice that is beyond my intellectual understanding.

I see songwriting as a life-time journey and one I am honoured to keep evolving and connecting with others through. 

About the Music 

I began writing songs as a fifteen year old quite accidentally. Until then I had been obsessed with visual arts and large painting work. Songwriting was an intuitive process then and has continued to be. The first song I wrote was called Gamble to Give and was a reinterpretation of the gambling industry, turning it on it’s head. The line in the song ‘what are you gonna do with your power?’ is a question I am answering with my life. 

The part of me that writes songs is often wiser than me. I am taught about life by the songs.  

I have since spent the last seventeen years devoted to music creation and collaboration in Australia, New York and England.

I have taken inspiration from the world around me and the worlds within me. I have recorded many albums, some of which can be heard on Spotify and BandCamp. The process itself has been a great education. I didn’t know how to make an album when I was eighteen but I jumped into the unknown and learnt through doing. 

My experience with the guitar and piano is interesting because I’ve never learnt music theory. I compose in the mystery of the sound. This has its limitations and also its gifts. 

I create a mood or an environment with an instrument to sing a story with. This is the first collaboration. My understanding about songs is that they are always around, there is nothing too small to write a song about.

Mentor & Facilitator

My entire life I’ve wanted to be involved in healing modalities. When I was eight years old, I wanted to be a herbalist. Instead I find myself making song-tinctures, poetry balms and exploratory theatre for myself and in turn others. Exploring personal and cultural catharsis and the transformational possibilities within art making is my soul work.    

I really believe that together we can create a way of living and being that means we can die satisfied rather than riddled with regrets. Art, in my opinion, is one of the last places we can work with to change the human world. In a culture ripe with denial, art is one of the only realms audiences will themselves to feel within. 

As makers we can take risks, say the unsayable and be shameless in the beauty realm. It breaks my heart to see so many people drowning is busyness and forgetting to be alive. I feel this in myself, stress, control, defence.

Part of my desire to assist others in their creative liberation is because I need it too. I want to live a life whole-heartedly, trusting my innate nature and awake to the moment, ready to share whenever needed and able to hear others.  

There are so many things I can say or express in art-making that I can’t in any other way.


Artist + Activist

I feel passionately that human beings are a beautiful, intelligent, creative, spirited and loving creature. Despite this, it’s also relatively easy for us to become corrupted or shut-down. This corruption can destroy the individual’s nature and even be the cause of genocide and other atrocities. I keep believing that we are ultimately kind hearted. That when we are well, we are a positive influence on the world around us and other people. 

This potential for wellness is something that moves and guides me. 

My sense is that small scale and large scale violence and suppression is happening in the world because there has been hundreds of years of unaddressed trauma. 

In myself I have witnessed my capacity for cruelty, it comes out in my most intimate relationships, possibly because I am terrified of being abandoned or deeply seen, so I test people and often push them away. 

I know there are secret sorrows and fears in me buried deep in my body. I walk, I dance, I write, I sing to free myself, to come back to soul. 

My no. 1 theory is that if people were able to or supported to address their personal trauma, there would be no war, little violence, no child abuse, little selfish consumption. All of these pains are echoes of internal conflict, corrupted sorrow and inability to feel empathy.


a charity I love to support

I am moved by the wonder and aliveness I see in children. 

I am passionate about many areas of life, but, it breaks my heart to imagine children alone, frightened and without voices to protect themselves. It is vital to end the trauma cycles and protect the young ones. 

Bravehearts Child Safety Foundation assists with the prevention of child sexual assault in Australia.

Bravehearts does what many of us wish we could do but don’t know how. They respond to complex needs, long-term healing and immediate action. 

While on tour I donate portions of my live show revenue to Bravehearts Foundation and other charities such as the Tibetan Children’s Village. Also, part of my income from the courses I offer goes to Bravehearts. 

Donate to protect Australian children. Give to Bravehearts today. DONATE

Speaker + Storyteller

I studied Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island studies because I don’t want to bask in the ignorance and privilege that is available to me. 

I want to see an Australia that admits its past and its present. 

An Australia that can face its many shadows. 

I endeavour to face my own shadows through study and deep listening, 

through journaling the questions that are uncomfortable,  through staying open to the mystery.

I come from a line of artists, singers, writers, theatre-makers, some with a radical take on things, especially education. 

Also within my line there is significant addiction and a whirl-wind of emotions and experiences (the memoir is on its way.) 

I am moved by the courage and vulnerability it takes to live a human life. 

I am moved by people who can bring spirit and heart into their work, whatever it is they do. 

I am moved by people who take a small idea, an instinct and role with it. 

I am moved by the resilience of those who have suffered great tragedies at the hands of other people and still find joy and willingness for connection through radical forgiveness. 

Alice Night

Professional Biography

Alice Night is an established singer-songwriter, writer, speaker, performer, poet and culturally focused artist.

Alice is the Founder and Creative Director of Alice Night School of Wild Arts. She has extensive experience as a creative arts facilitator, and is best known for creating and facilitating well loved online courses: The Writing Well, Writing Rites, Voice Magic, SongCycle and her year long mentorship program Master of Wild Arts. 

Alice Night’s alchemical mix of folk-music and performance art is acclaimed for its power and haunt. Marrying poetry, theatre and the wild, Night’s compositions are dark and hopeful lullabies for our times. Her sound has been described as like walking a nordic forest. Night is part of a wave of conscious contemporary artists who are willing to question the status quo – one verse at a time.

A well loved singer-songwriter and poet she has released three albums and two EPs of original music working with composers and musicians to curate her soulful and unique recordings.

Night has received grants from the Australian Council for the Arts to support her in the development of her craft. In 2018 she self-published her first collection of poetry under the title: Molten.

Alice Night sings and facilitates with bold vulnerability, intimacy and naturalness. Her songs, poems and theatre pieces reach fiercely into the cultural whilst also welcoming the deeply personal.

On stage Alice opens a world of spontaneity, story, theatricality and audience engagement. Often noted for her naturally moving vocal tone, her authenticity and the emotional integrity of her creative work.

There is a timelessness to the sound of Alice’s voice. She can transport you back to the cave by the ocean that you once inhabited or soothe your children to sleep with the music of her recorded albums. 

Alice Night sings what is noble and what is true, while donning a wild honesty that is unforgettable to witness and likely leaves you laughing or crying. 

Alice is an advocate for the intimate healing that we need to embody to bring healing into the wider world. As an artist her major focus is cultural. She sings, writes, paints, creates theatre and teaches creative courses, all as ways to explore the deep questions of our lives.

Night uses art as the vehicle for transformation, initiation, authenticity and aliveness. 

Growing up exposed to addiction and transgenerational trauma has evoked her fierce devotion to health, expression and culture making. She is most interested in creating spaces for people to feel connected with their true human nature. To explore honest expression as personal and cultural catharsis and to discover our benevolent interiority.   

Alice is naturally poetic and experiences life through the eyes of an artist. She brings a wondrous concoction of beauty and grit to everything she does.

There is nothing Alice Night won’t explore for her creativity. She is evermore courageous and willing to bring beauty to the strangest subjects. This makes her one of the most refreshing artists and facilitators around today.  

She was educated at The University of Queensland majoring in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island studies music and community development. She then completed a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Performance at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

Night inspires rich and boundless creativity through her courses and retreats. An artist of many genres she has released poetry and recordings, artistic films and original albums. Alice enjoys authoring plays and stories of all kinds, she shares inspirational live performances and creates wild-hearted theatre pieces.

Alongside running retreats and creative immersions in free expression, she challenges the status quo whilst creating beauty.

She works, and has done for many years, guided by the equation:


The Music

The Media

Alice Night is an artist whose major focus is cultural expression and enquiry. She sings, writes, paints, makes theatre and teaches creative courses, all as ways to explore the deep questions of our lives. Night uses art as the vehicle for transformation and initiation.  Alice is passionate about working with both individuals and organisations who have the desire to create a much greater depth of connectivity. 

She has extensive experience as a creative arts facilitator, has worked as a project manager in community arts, has had training and experience in counseling with Lifeline and has studied with The Westcountry School of Myth (UK.) Combining her vast and varied experience, Alice’s presentations are real, raw and highlight her depth of intimacy and her naturalness to the stage.

Growing up exposed to addiction and transgenerational trauma has evoked her fierce devotion to health, to expression and to culture making. Alice is most interested in creating spaces for people to feel connected with their true human nature. To explore honest expression as personal and cultural catharsis and to discover our benevolent interiority.   

Alice is naturally poetic and experiences life through the eyes of an artist. She brings a wondrous concoction of beauty and grit to everything she does. 

Alice has facilitated week long retreats for masters students at NIDA in experiential writing (The Writing Well) since 2017. She has gone on to host well loved online courses: The Writing Well, SongCycle, Writing Rites, Voice Magic and her year long mentorship program the Mistress of Wild Arts.

There is nothing Alice won’t create about. She is evermore courageous and willing to bring beauty to the strangest subjects. This makes her one of the most refreshing artists, speakers and educators around today.  

Email for performance or speaking requests.



“Alice is the best writing coach that I have ever worked with.”

I have been writing for a number of years now and Alice has managed to improve my confidence which has dramatically affected the quality of my writing. 

If you are considering hiring Alice for a presentation or attending her workshop, then go for it – you will not be disappointed! 

Nicolas Spadaccini, participant of The Writing Well online course.

“Alice’s words sang to my very bones…”

I’ve realised how very healing it is to have one’s own feelings and experiences found, met and clarified through the intelligent, aware, true words of another.

Kayleigh Ashley, audience member.

“Alice Night brings tears to my eyes every time I see her perform”

Alice is a phenomenal storyteller, poet and artist. There is something simply magical about her voice and the untamed spirit that flows through her songs. 

Lindsey Stillwell, audience member.

Alice is in a deep daily relationship with creativity, with art, with culture, with writing and reading and participating in a new wave of art making that directly interacts with and responds to culture. 

Alice is available for the following:

  Workshop Presentations

  Live Music Performances

  Mentoring groups and individuals 

  Speaking and Poetry at events and forums

  Writing in publications, interviews and podcast interviews especially about the role of art as directly related to culture and wellbeing.  

  Running intimate and life-changing courses and retreats for groups. 

Alice loves to speak and share ideas on the following topics:

  Advocacy for the intimate healing that we must embody to bring healing into the wider world. 

  Embodying activism through creativity, offering healing experiences through art.


  • Inspires rich and boundless creativity through online courses. 
  • Releases poetry books and recordings.
  • Releases artistic films and original albums. 
  • Authors plays and books (fiction and non-fiction).
  • Shares talks and inspirational live performances. 
  • Creates wild-hearted theatre pieces. 
  • Runs retreats in leadership and expression. 
  • Loves to host experiential creative retreats. 
  • Challenges the status quo. 
  • Creates beauty. 

Please email for media or speaking requests, as well as Alice’s blog, collaborations, music, media kit + interview requests.


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