“When I sing and perform I connect with a part of myself that I love to inhabit and feel” 

It’s as if there is also wisdom in the voice that is beyond my intellectual understanding.

I see songwriting as a life-time journey and one I am honoured to keep evolving and connecting with others through. 

About the Music 

I began writing songs as a fifteen year old quite accidentally. Until then I had been obsessed with visual arts and large painting work. Songwriting was an intuitive process then and has continued to be. The first song I wrote was called Gamble to Give and was a reinterpretation of the gambling industry, turning it on it’s head. The line in the song ‘what are you gonna do with your power?’ is a question I am answering with my life. 

The part of me that writes songs is often wiser than me. I am taught about life by the songs.  

I have since spent the last seventeen years devoted to music creation and collaboration in Australia, New York and England.

I have taken inspiration from the world around me and the worlds within me. I have recorded many albums, some of which can be heard on Spotify and BandCamp. The process itself has been a great education. I didn’t know how to make an album when I was eighteen but I jumped into the unknown and learnt through doing. 

My experience with the guitar and piano is interesting because I’ve never learnt music theory. I compose in the mystery of the sound. This has its limitations and also its gifts. 

I create a mood or an environment with an instrument to sing a story with. This is the first collaboration. My understanding about songs is that they are always around, there is nothing too small to write a song about.


Sacred Safety


Factory Girl