Creation as Initiation

Become the artist you know you are

 Make art with an animal knowing. 

Recall forgotten creative impulses. 

 Trust your instinctual self. 

Hone a liberated artistry.

 Open to the mysterious.

 Experience your creativity. 

Rekindle a wild imagination.

 Ritualise your practice. 

 Complete new works. 

 Arrive in the world as an artist.  

The Master of Wild Arts (MoWA) is an intimate container for an education that activates and celebrates your natural curiosities and creative impulses. We open to ritual as a major aspect of this creative process that will assist you in knowing what and how you wish to create. We also lean into the natural ritual inherent in creative practices and performance. 

Can you let art give you life?

During this course you will be asked to put your ear to the ground and really listen, to pay proper homage to your dreams and wild psyche. To carve out proper time for your creative freedom and aliveness. To show us who you really are, and in turn show the world also.

Your guide Alice Night has a very intuitive way of curating a creative learning environment and prompts honesty, playfulness, courageous creativity and imaginative instinct. 

No prior study in creative fields is required, however your willingness to be in the adventure is essential. 

Allowing intimacy with art is allowing intimacy with self

What kind of a guide is Alice? 

I’m devoted to making art that is honest, intimate and interacts with culture. I spend my days creating, exploring, collaborating, singing, writing, reading, painting, connecting and being. I spend my nights engaged in creative spaces like gigs, theatre events and facilitating spaces for creative empowerment. 

I believe in the healing, connecting and visionary power of art.  

I’m not a vocal coach, I’m an instinct coach. I’m not a writing editor, I’m a story midwife. I create spaces where people create art that is transformative for them and in turn potentially transformative for culture. 

I invite that we move into liberated cultural and personal expression through art making. I love to work with courageous individuals who are ready to be activated in their artistic lives. 

I hold MoWA to remind people how to trust themselves so that they don’t need anyone else to tell them that they’re good or that they deserve to create.

I speak to the naturalness and humanness of storytelling and wild expression. Through writing, singing, drawing, moving, we lean into the icky subjects and emotions to create conditions for transformation. 

The spaces I hold are relaxed, playful, courageous and deep.

Client Praise

‘Working with Alice is the difference between thinking about doing art and BEING an artist.’

 Julia Simone – MoWA participant 2020.


‘The Master of Wild Arts is a container for radical creative growth and empowerment!  MoWa has already helped me to cultivate a sense of creative essence in my life – inspired me to do the deep work needed to live a life grounded in authentic creation.’ 

Kayla Kirkpatrick – MoWA participant 2020.


‘MoWA is AWESOME. Art Community Soul Magic. And a huge loving YES! What more could you want on your cereal?’ 

Oliver Hurd-Thomas – MoWA participant 2020.

All of these artworks have been created by our MoWA students

Deep gratitude for Oliver Hurd-Thomas. Helena Turner. Catterina Tilby – ‘I can’t Fucking Write Songs.’ Alice Night. Hana Wolf. 

What you’ll receive:

 A MoWA ebook by Alice to assist your process 

  Weekly group workshops on Zoom for a year

 Prompts for creative quests 

 Art itself is delivered as inspiration and guidance

 A private online space to share your process and creations

 A potent and supportive artistic MoWA community

 Video footage of a series by Alice called Artists in Conversation

 Complementary spiritual and physical practices documented and shared

 Guest teachers and facilitators organised by Alice

  Specific feedback from Alice about what you’re creating

 A one-on-one creativity coaching session with Alice

  Links to literature, readings and artists for inspiration

The MoWA Experience – Monthly Themes


Preparing for creation. Unhinging ourselves from old patterns. Developing trust in self.

We will create the space both externally and internally that will allow wild art to come through. We will name and call in the full vision we can see ourselves living out as artists in the world. We will begin healing our relationships with creativity through first creating and experiencing fertile time.  


Calling in your new body of work. Communing with the unknown. 

Saying yes and meaning it.

Here we will enter into the ritual space that our art is asking of us. This way it is not simply a mental decision to create but rather a spirited conversation with the mysterious through creativity. 

We explore different rhythms to create within and the inner and outer resources required to make this possible. 


Ritual and imaginative health. Shameless experimentation. Making sacrifices for art. 

During this month you will open to places you’ve never been before in your art, the ones that have been calling to you for a long time. Here you’ll explore your true creative nature. You will meet your dream spaces, your wild imagination, the unsayable, underworld realms, spirited narrative and the golden flickers of creative ideas.

You will welcome them all home to your studio space, to the canvas, to the empty page, to the dance floor or to all of the above and share them with the MoWA community as you feel.  


The art of discipline, the discipline of art. Releasing blame. Shameless devotion. Doing the work.

We focus on embodying the day to day study, devotion, rigor, practice and selflessness that is necessary to create anything of great girth and worth. 

This is the harder part of being an artist, not just having ideas but actually committing to them, choosing one thing and sticking with it, being chosen by a project and meeting the call. 

This thing ain’t gonna write itself, and yet, in some ways it just might, when we get into the slip-stream words flow, paint moves, songs arrive – but first we have to show up, again and again and again.  


Courage in art. Creating in the unknown. Creative commitment in the face of challenge. 

In any great project there will be monsters that we attempt to avoid. Whether that is a technical skill we have been refusing to learn, a character we are afraid to write, or something so beautiful we can barely fathom its form. In month five you are asked to embody the courage and heart required to love all that is revealed in you as you create.

Artists must embody elements of the warrior if they are to walk in the strange dark forests, the critical responses from others, and the total spectrum of being human. Here we practice being steadfast and staying.


Welcoming invisible support. The beauty realm. Wholeheartedness. Fidelity to your project.

Here we look at (and intentionally experience) the art of transformation in your story or creative work. Artistic alchemy requires a moment or stage of transformation both in the creator and in the characters they depict in their art. 

When we work in this way we are willing to arrive in a place that is different from where we began. We experience a mythological realm both in art and in our own lives as we create. We allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable, for our hearts to open, and for our lives to change alongside a genuine investment in this creative process.  


Dancing the weird. Working with your allies. Embracing your whole wild creative self. 

Now we ask the question again, what parts of me have I left behind? What have I still been refusing to include or engage with? 

We step out again into the mystery and welcome all forbidden parts to join in the art party. We open to the strange new world that has been calling to us through our creation time and say ‘Welcome.’

We animate that wild spirited energy that is available in deep creative flow when we invite our whole selves to the table, to the forest or to the room. 




Spirited editing and intuitive curation. The hard yards. Bringing in the art we need. 

Here we comb through the work and intuitively edit or curate what has come through. This is not the final draft necessarily, but it is your final draft. It is all that you can do before working collaboratively towards final formation. Editing is possibly harder than creating. It requires choice, letting go, seeing the gaps and attending to them. This is the nitty-gritty stuff, the final marks, the willingness to admit when something is not at its full potential and going in again to creation when needed. 


During this time we will open to where your art wants to land and live in the world. We will share avenues and possibilities for further production, performance, publishing etc and discuss and explore experimental approaches to releasing your art also. 



Arriving in the world as an artist. A new way. 

Here we deliver our new work into the world. This could be a public reading of your play, it could be an initial exhibition of visual art or a novella manuscript that is printed and ready to be shared with an editor or a trusted friend. It could be the final mixes of an album or a suite of poems with chapters and a title. 

We cannot use money as an excuse as to why something is not ready, we are prompted to find a way; to be innovative and birth this art into the world. We breathe a sigh of deep relief and hold the new work with loving arms. We show ourselves and the world that we are devoted to creation and we have evidence to back that claim. We embrace the wildness and the discipline that made this possible. 


Here we ask a very intimate question, how is your art landing in culture? Is it feeding and nourishing the village? Is it feeding and nourishing you? Is it healthy? Is there catharsis? 

Does it give life? This reflective approach is a great way to stay honest and create art that is not only wild and raw but also life-giving and connected to a larger human story and a story beyond our species. 



Wild Findings

Here you are asked to express the journey you embarked on to arrive at this next level in your relationship with art and with yourself. Honouring the alchemy and transformational nature of art and specifically the art that you created over this year. 

This will be a document, film or audio recording for you to share with your wider community and also to remind yourself of the creative energy available to you in years to come. You are invited to weave in poetry, imagery, documentation of process from across the year, whatever brings this Wild Finding to life in its expression.   

All the artworks featured above have been created by our MoWA students

Deep gratitude for ‘Homecoming’ Collage by Kayla Kirkpatrick. Sally Guildford. 


This experience will be different for each participant. It could be a celebration. It could be an extended time you spend solo in nature. It could be an intimate exhibition or ceremony shared with friends and family. Here you are asked to curate your own ritual experience of naming and claiming your devotion to your arts practice. This is a kind of wild marriage. You then share photographs or your vows with the Master of Wild Arts group. 

What you see in the world no-one else sees quite like you.

Why MoWA exists

I have a deep faith in the role of art for personal and cultural reconciliation and deep healing. Artists can be visionaries, can be the one willing voice in a sea of silence. I see finished artworks like dandelion seeds that we make a wish with to send out into the world. This course is for personal catharsis and reclaiming our rights as wild creative beings. It is also a form of artistic activism in a time of shifting needs. MoWA acknowledges diversity in artistic intention. Whether you want to share your work with thousands of people or sing to whales, MoWA will hold space for your vision. This is a place to re-establish your own trust in your creative nature.  

What’s the next step?

If you feel this course is resonant, then you may apply directly with Alice.

A love of art, a love of learning and a sincere willingness for your life to change through this creative initiation process will serve you well as a student in the MoWA course. It is a boundary pushing course that is woven with love. We are open to the ridiculous, to the profound, to the simple, to the never before seen, to the things you most want to say.

MoWA creates an intimate container and is open to fifteen people. This online program commences on July 1st 2022 and runs for a year and a day.

The investment for MoWA is $5,000 AUD or $3,900 with a scholarship. There are 4 places available for $2,700 for new parents or people unable to work at the moment.

Are you ready for your art to give life?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t make a monthly workshop or tutorial, are the calls recorded?

The monthly workshops are recorded and shared to MoWA participants in the current year only. The tutorials are not recorded which allows for even deeper freedom in expression for participants.

Q: I’m not an established artist, can I still do MoWA?

Yes. This can be your first leap into choosing a creative life but you need to be ready to invest regular energy into creativity and making. You need a willingness to show up to art.

Q: Is there any one-on-one coaching included?

Yes, there is one coaching session included in this offering. Also there is space in the weekly workshops to ask Alice questions and bring your process to the table. 

Q: I want to protect my ideas, is this a confidential space?

Yes totally. The art you share and the processes you experience are held in confidentiality by the group.

Q: Is this course just for women?

No, all genders are welcome.

Q: How much time do we need to put in?

The minimum is two hours per week. But the desire is that people are activated through this course to devote more and more time to creativity and art making. As much time as your inner artist can create.

Q: What happens when the course ends?

We will keep the facebook space open for the cohort who journeyed together so that there is effectively a peer-to-peer artist circle that can continue to be engaged with as you feel.

Q: What do I get out of it?

This course is set up to be life changing and gear you towards your truest life as a human being and as an artist.

Q: Are there payment plans?

Yes, there are payment plan options upon request, just get in touch.

Q: What if my project requires a budget to create.

This is very possible and should be considered as an extra cost. If you want to record with a producer for example you may want to crowdfund this, apply for grants or have savings for this purpose. That said there are ways to work creatively without all the best gear. This also could be part of the creative journey for you.