Creativity Coaching Sessions /Art Doula Sessions

~ hone your creative instincts ~ create new work ~ deepen your expression ~ trust your visions ~

Alice Night is easily one of the most embodied artists I have ever encountered. Her coaching is a reminder to turn towards your deep archetypal nature. Her techniques quickly connect you to your true self and creativity flows from there.’ – Nathalie Brewer.

Book in for an art doula session to explore the next steps in your creative life or create new work.

These sessions are an intimate mentoring experiences from someone with a deep belief in our human need to express creatively.

Hone a song; rehabilitate your imagination and creative instincts; explore voice work; develop a writing project; get clarity about what you want to create and share in the world; practice performance skills; deepen your inner resources for the deep-dive of art making.

Areas of focus: songwriting, performance, creative writing, memoir writing, performance-art, play and clowning, instinct, intuition, honesty, authenticity, poetic thinking, recording music, narrative therapy, bold making.

Alongside the creative work, there is often personal work too, realms such as self-trust, self esteem, being seen, self-worth, rejection and acceptance, and self-love are often included. These one-on-one sessions are an ideal please to deep dive with love and care as you hone your devotion to art.

Please email with an expression of interest to see if it’s a match and find out when my next availabilities are. Before either of us agree to sessions, we will have a 10 minute conversation to see whether your needs and my skills and passions are aligned.

‘Working with Alice is the difference between thinking about doing art and BEING an artist.’ – Julia Simone – Master of Wild Arts participant.

‘Alice Night is the best writing coach that I have worked with.’ – Nicolas Spadaccini.

‘This woman is an alchemist. Reverent, Wild, Authentic and Free.’ – Abergale Bremmer

‘Alice is a master at inspiring you to jump into the depths of what you don’t yet know about yourself…’ – Toni Childs

‘Alice helped me doula a perfect offering in a matter of 5 mins. I called Alice when I was in a space of not being able to get clarity and quite honestly feeling insecure about myself. I have 7+ years of experience in mentoring, personal development retreats, performing and managing artists but had hit a block. Within minutes of our call Alice suggested the perfect idea, we jammed on it for 20 mins, I put it together that day and sold the first spot in less than 24hrs after our call.’ – Paisley Heart

‘Alice has been the medicine my souls crying out for when entrepreneurship has taken me away from my artistry. She’s a mentor for the leaders. She creates a space for more of me to come online. Thank you so much for your presence, patience and support over the years.’ – Victoria Redbard.

1 x 1 hr session $150 (AUD)

If you find yourself wanting to workshop your creative process with me, I’m here for that. I call the sessions ‘Art Doula Sessions,’ because I assist you to a) prepare the ground, b) hone the rituals, and c) stay accountable to bringing your new work/s into the world. It’s an honour to work with people in this intimate way so please do call on me if you feel to.