The Writing Well

THE WRITING WELL – coming soon! Watch the Intro Video Here.

Meeting the Mysteries of your Imagination 

What you receive: 11 short videos by Alice that guide you through important themes for writing from the depths. An ebook to accompany your journey.

The Writing Well is a ten week journey of writing from the depths. You are accompanied by videos by Alice to assist your deep dive into writing. The Writing Well suggests that we explore ourselves as embodied writers, as writers with complimentary spirited and emotionally expressive practices. These practices may include dream reflection, soulful practices, singing and sounding, closed-eye drawing or painting, movement work and dance, theatrical play and opening to intimacy with nature. 

The Writing Well opens up the concept of the numerous potential engines of story-telling and invites the mystical, the mythical and the alchemical into the stories we write. The invitation is personal transformation through self acceptance regardless of what comes up in our writing. Through participating in this journey you may discover a more naturally poetic and expressive approach to living or that songs and poems and stories are more easefully coming to you. 

Across this journey nothing is too small or too big to write about, all is welcome. From the micro and the mundane to the wildly nonsensical parallel universes, all is welcome. This is a great course to re-invigorate your approach to creativity and strengthen your nature as a story-teller. Discoveries are made through your writing that can inform your life and invite you into deeper honesty, authenticity, freedom, play and aliveness. 

The reality is that it’s very difficult to courageously write when you’ve got deep churning fears making all kinds of excuses to stop you. In The Writing Well we look at making space in our personalities so that we can write from a multitude of perspectives, step away from our own personal agendas and enter the truth of fiction. We open into spaces of improvisation in our writing and other expressive forms. We look at the richness of memory, dreams and imagination and ways to write from the visceral particularities and naturally poetic landscape of our own lives. 

Inspired by the notions of Wildcrafting Arts we explore place and the potency of writing in an environment that cracks open the seed of your story. Here we consider fertility and necessary nutrients for creativity. Place can also refer to dream places, and places in the body. We look lovingly at self and uncover and write through the fear of writing and creativity. 

People’s creative blocks are often incredibly specific and rooted in old events or the fear/danger of being seen. The Writing Well invites the seeds of healing these wounds or worries. We consider the role of the art and story/stories you are making in a traditional sense. Whether it is an artifact, nourishment, ceremonial, informative, to be shared in large gatherings or the intimacy of a single reader etc. And from here we look at your art/storytelling in the world.

The Writing Well is delivered by Alice Night School of Arts.